A Fathers Advice

A Fathers Advice

von: Myron Dejohnette

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Verlag: GD Publishing
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Veröffentl.: 25.07.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9783962460716
Sprache: englisch

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This is part one of two books. Because I have decided to have children late in life My beautiful child is only three years old and myself age fifty. I realize that my child or children will have several crisis and questions in life with no one they fully trust to seek 100% unbiased advice from after their mother and I am gone. I talk about inner turmoil, examples of how I created a daily hell for myself by making bad decisions. I touch on how we get trapped in our feelings and emotions and how to change that. How to predict and understand peoples decisions. How to look at time. Not to expect from people or God. Not to look for signs but something better. There are example stories. This book is a complete knowledge. This book if followed will save you and the people you share this knowledge with from going through much of the unnecessary pain we experience in life. Part 2 of this book already is finished but very large. I will release that book Next year. Both books together will satisfy me as a parent because I will know on my last days of living I have taken care of my children's knowledge base. They will know themselves and the world around them. If you share this knowledge with your children and the ones you love you will also have peace.

01-Introduction / 02-Forward / 03-Your brain is not your friend / 04-According to you / 05-Your mouth / 06-How to make better decisions / 07-The blame game / 08-Monday always repeats itself / 09-Give me / 10-Nothing happens without physical action / 11-Looking for signs / 12-Echoes.
I have lived The U.S. for 39 years and now in Europe for 11 years. Iv'e seen much of the world and have taken the time to get to know many people and their habits.I have owned several businesses and also worked for many people. I enjoy being a father, Author, pilot , singer, Film and music producer, comedian, Friend and a teacher as well as a student. My heart and soul are good and strong. I have spent most of my teenage life and adult life alone away from family but in good standing with all. My strength... is my knowledge and my open smile. I wrote these books because I always wished that my fathers, fathers, great grand father had written a book and past it down to each of their children. I feel that love and many things we experience as people never change. We're human. If I had been given this knowledge of course I would have not listened to everything but as soon as I matured and experienced some pain, I would have learned everything those books had to tell me. None of my forefathers or mothers wrote such a book. Someone had to do this. I guess that person had to be me So I wrote and wrote. Finally I think the best way to absorb this type of knowledge is through audio. That's why I make Audio books.

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