Citizenship in Organizations

Citizenship in Organizations

Practicing the Immeasurable

von: Suzan Langenberg, Fleur Beyers

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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
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Veröffentl.: 10.08.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9783319602370
Sprache: englisch

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This book explores the concept of citizenship, and the role that organizations can or do play in its creation, stimulation and control. Offering multiple organizational perspectives (private and public organisations) and their relation to several types of output (citizenship, poverty, profit, employability), this work presents a rich collection of philosophical thoughts and practices on the subject of citizenship within and without the organizational context. Particular attention is given to this human aspect, an element of unpredictability, a gut feeling, the unknown... something immeasurable that plays a part in human relations and how they organize themselves. Citizenship in Organizations casts new light on the impact of organizations to the notion of citizenship.
Introduction (Suzan Langenberg, Fleur Beyers and Sophie Langenberg).- Economy and immeasurability (Gido Berns).- Meeting at the Boundaries: Marginality as a source of Wealth Reading Genesis 23 (Luc Hoebeke).- Inequality of power (Machiel Karskens).- Politics: understanding a volatile realm (Catherine Susanne Schnitzer).- Is there space for rational thinking in altruism? (Leopold Vansina).- Guiltless Guilt (Hans Wesseling).- Organizing Counter-conduct (Suzan Langenberg).- Emergent Times: Disruptive Logic as a Breeding Ground (Fleur Beyers.- Towards an irony-centered organization (Wim Van Orshaegen).- Biology, identity, ambiguity. The meaning of a diagnostic label for adults diagnosed with autism (Raymond Langenberg & Kristien Hens).- Recognition: a business case for developing through relationships (Anouschka Klestadt).- Facilitating the unexpected (Mirjam Beyers).- Boundaries of the (im)measurable in palliative care (Goedele Vandersloten).- Measuring the immeasurable(Theo Vaes).
Suzan Langenberg is a researcher, trainer and consultant and holds a PhD in Philosophy and Business Ethics from the Radboud University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Suzan is the author of multiple works on criticism and speaking up within an organizational context. Throughout her many years as coach and facilitator, she has built an extensive experience in leadership and organizational issues. Suzan is also active as a moderator of debates on social and philosophical issues.Fleur Beyers is an editor and researcher with a passion for language and philosophy. As a partner in a consulting firm, she has come across a wide variety of issues relating organizations and the position of the individual therein. She is also the co-owner of a Brasserie/Bar, which has provided her with a great amount of organizational practice. Fleur holds a research Master of Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
This book brings together a wide variety of meta-reflections on shifts in economy, power relations and organizing in confrontation with practices of citizenship. The focus is directed towards the position of (im)measurability of certain changes on meta-level within (organized) practices of citizenship. The organization or ‘organizing’ is the turntable, the metaphor, through which we can exemplify the emergence of growing citizen consciousness. In short, we see ‘organizing’ as the central metaphor wherewith the shift of the societal paradigm can be tested/verified/examined. In this book, different perspectives shall be represented on how people develop through organizing. It is more or less a residue of invisible processes that take place in and with people, through changes in discourses and in founding new types of communities and networks such as the creation of alternative local (exchange)trade opportunities. Citizenship implies exercise. On behalf of their experience with, through or while working in an organization, people ‘make’ their own membership of a community, an organization and/or a society.
Presents a unique mix of relevant practical cases combined with theoretical input and reflection from various organizational perspectives Includes contributions from both academics and researchers of organization theory and business ethics Delivers frameworks that will provide academics and researchers with a more realistic view on practices of citizenship Provides a genuine cross-over between philosophy, organization studies and business ethics

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