Coaching Basics

Coaching Basics

Guiding People and Helping Them Advance
Quadro, Band 14 1. Aufl.

von: Kerstin Hack

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Verlag: Down To Earth
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Veröffentl.: 12.04.2012
ISBN/EAN: 9783862705078
Sprache: englisch
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This Quadro introduces you to the basics of coaching. It explains the attitudes that make coaching successful and describes the most important techniques of asking questions and coaching methods. It is suitable for people, who want to start with coaching as well as for experienced coaches, who want to revive their knowledge.
Ideally suited for all, who want to accompany people in their processes of growth and change.
Learning coaching
How to use this book

Week 1: What Is Coaching?
1.1 The role of the coach
1.2 Whoever questions, leads
1.3 Boosting competency
1.4 Discovering options
1.5 Defining differences
1.6 The Gordian Knot
1.7 Talking about solutions

Week 2: Finding Goals
2.1 The first step
2.2 A specific mandate
2.3 Defining goals
2.4 Initiating goals
2.5 The first step
2.6 Step by step further
2.7 Celebrating small successes

Week 3: Seeing Possibilities
3.1 Tools
3.2 The miracle question
3.3 The miracle question in detail
3.4 A little bit of miracle
3.5 Discovering resources
3.6 Creative resources
3.7 Feedback

Week 4: Walking The Road
4.1 Discovering differences
4.2 Even more differences
4.3 Circular questions
4.4 Reinterpretation
4.5 Change of perspective
4.6 Tangible tasks
4.7 Compliments

Literature Tips
Kerstin Hack is author, editor and coach. She was born in Franconia and studied ethnology with a focus on intercultural communication and English literature in Tübingen and Singapore. She loves diversion and variety in life: "colourful is my favourite colour" and in faith: "Let others be boring."

She inspires single persons, couples and groups through articles, books, but also with speeches, workshops and coaching. Her tips and ideas are creative and many-sided, but always practical and hands-on, simply "down-to-earth". She loves arts, culinary specialties, travelling and creativity and is voluntarily engaged in her hometown Berlin.

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