Beyond mindfulness – finding your real life

von: Stephen McKenzie

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Verlag: Exisle Publishing PTY LTD.
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Veröffentl.: 01.04.2016
ISBN/EAN: 9781775592815
Sprache: englisch
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The mindfulness trend has seen mindfulness become valued more as an item in a personal toolkit as opposed to a full way of living. Dr Stephen McKenzie, a leading mindfulness author and teacher, brings us back to its roots — connecting the heart with mindfulness to become heartfulness. The paths to full living are clearly shown and demonstrated.
As a researcher, lecturer and writer with years of clinical and teaching experience in many areas of psychology, Dr Stephen McKenzie has written several books including Exisle's Mindfulness at Work and with Craig Hassed, Mindfulness for Life. Dr McKenzie lectures in psychology at Melbourne's Monash University.

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