How to Work the Film & TV Markets

How to Work the Film & TV Markets

von: Heather Hale

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Verlag: Taylor & Francis
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 28.07.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781317626916
Sprache: englisch
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How to Work the Film & TV Markets takes independent filmmakers, television and digital content creators on a virtual tour of the entertainment industry's trade shows - the circulatory system of the entire global media landscape. This book highlights the most significant annual events around the world, details a dossier of all the players that frequent them and examines all the elements that drive the market value and profitability of entertainment properties. In-the-trenches insights from our modern, real-world marketplace are contextualized into immediately implementable practical advice. Make the most of your finite investments of funds, time and creative energy to optimize your odds for success within the mainstream, business-to-business circuit but learn how to select, apply and scale prudent, proven principles to drive your own Do-It-Yourself/Direct-to-the-Consuming-Crowd fundraising, distribution and promotional success.Heather Hale demystifies these markets, making them less intimidating, less confusing and less overwhelming. She shows you how to navigate these events, making them far more accessible, productive - and fun! This creative guide offers:An in-depth survey of the most significant film, TV and digital content trade shows around the world;An overview of the co-production market circuit that offers financing and development support to independent producers;An outline of the market-like festivals and key awards shows;A breakdown of who's who at all these events - and how to network with them;Hot Tips on how to prepare for, execute and follow up on these prime opportunities;Low-budget key art samples and game plans;A social media speed tour with a wealth of audience engagement ideas.

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