Interfaith Education for All

Interfaith Education for All

Theoretical Perspectives and Best Practices for Transformative Action

von: Duncan R. Wielzen, Ina Ter Avest

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Living together in the midst of diversity is an issue of pivotal importance all over the world, in particular for people involved in the education of the younger generation. The search intended in this publication is to find the means to go beyond mere tolerance of differences. Education as envisioned in this book engages learners in active citizenship and enables pupils and students – young people – to transform their social environment. Learning about the other, and – to a certain extent – appreciating the other’s perspective, together with acquiring dialogical skills are key elements for learning to live together with people from different cultural backgrounds and with diverse religious and secular worldviews. Hence, faith development, dialogicality and citizenship are central themes in this publication.

This book brings together the latest insights and ‘best practices’ available in the fields of religious education from around the world, which are reflected upon by distinguished scholars in the field. The input provided by the three parts of this book will give every educator further food for thought, be it in the classroom, at home or in leisure activities.

The diversity approach of this book is mirrored in the composition of the team of editors. Duncan Wielzen is a theologian with research interest in religious education in plural societies; Ina Ter Avest is a psychologist with a focus on the intersectionality of psychology, culture and religion. The focus of both editors is on (inter)faith education, its implication and further development.
Prologue; Introduction; Part One: Theoretical Perspectives on Interfaith Education; The Concept and Conceptions of Interfaith Education with Neighbour Concepts; Interreligious Education; Religious Literacy, Interfaith Learning and Civic Education in Pluralistic Societies; Recalibrating Islamic Religious Education (IRE) in Muslim-Minority Communities; Leading Intentions of Interfaith Education Conceived as Citizenship Education; Communicating Qur’anic Texts; Part Two: Best Practices of Interfaith Education; Hikmah Pedagogy; Hikmah for Interconvictional Dialogue in Belgian Primary Schools; Interfaith Education and Dutch Islamic Schools; Diversity is the Key to Peace; Integrated Religious Education to Promote Dialogue in Inter-worldview Education; Interfaith Education for Kids; In Retrospect – Children's Voices on Interreligious Education; A Case for Expanding Multi-Faith Education: Scotland; Pioneering Interreligious Education in The Gambia; Interfaith Education ‘Under Construction’; Part Three: Reflection and Recommendations for Transformative Actions in Interfaith Education; Worldview Education; A Model of Reflection for Merging Theory and Practice in Interfaith Education; Embracing Diversity; Epilogue; About the Contributors.
This volume brings together scholarly insights and best practices in the field of (religious and secular) worldview education.

The starting point of this book is that citizenship education cannot do without faith education; food for thought for anyone committed to the education of pupils and students.

Living within a diverse social context makes it mandatory for citizens to be equipped for dialogue and skilled in embracing, accepting and appreciating diversity.

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