Prisoner of War - Bone Ship Models

Prisoner of War - Bone Ship Models

Treasures from the Age of the Napoleonic Wars

von: Manfred Stein

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Veröffentl.: 02.11.2015
ISBN/EAN: 9783782214612
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During 1792-1815, the period of the Coalition Wars and the Napoleonic Wars between France and Europe, prisoners were taken on both sides. The majority of them were confined, sometimes for many years, in England and Scotland. Some of the prisoners built ship models from scraps of wood or mutton and beef bones. Rigging was made of silk or whatever other fine material could be obtained. The prisoners developed an art form and the models were sold to the public through the guards. This trade enabled the prisoner to acquire ivory and special tools to make the models all the more decorative. The remain highly sought after and valuable collectors' items to this day. This book shows the beauty of the models selected as the finest in the Peter Tamm Collection in the International Maritime Museum of Hamburg.
Since his retirement in 2010 Manfred Stein has been working in an honorary capacity at Altona Museum Hamburg and has been involved with the museums bone ship collection. He lives with his family in Hamburg.

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