This one goes out to the ones I love.


The courageous dreamers, makers, musicians, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, storytellers. We are the ones who put our hearts on the line, our pedals to the metal.


We shine and crash and rise again. And again.


This book is dedicated to us.

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Second Edition

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Discover What You Love (and Why)

Declare Your Dream

Time Travel with Your Future Self

Start Before You’re Ready

Fail Fast

Say “Yes, and . ”

Be the Shining Star You Are

Play it Un-safe

F* the Ic

Crush on the Process

F* Around


As far as I know, there are two ways of engaging with the world. At any given point you are either F*ing Around (FA) or Not F*ing Around (NFA).


F*ing Around is typical, obvious and what much of the world does much of the time. Clicking aimlessly online, shopping for sport, clocking into a gig that sucks your heart dry and denying the massive opportunities of this life is (in my book) F*ing Around.


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There’s a time and place for FA. Without it we’d all go mad. But if it gets out of hand, it becomes a rut. And if you don’t watch out, that rut sucks up your life.


Not Cool.

On the other hand,

Not F*ing Around is



the BANG! BANG!! BANG!!!

That Drives Us

to Take Real Action

to Manifest a Life Worth Living.


NFA is focus and freeform, karma and art, improv and strategy. When you’re Not F*ing Around you know it. And so does everybody else in the room.

Nobody particularly likes to think about it, but our days on this Earth are numbered. You have limited time to do whatever you’re gonna do. You could check out tomorrow or walk the planet for another fifty years, but sooner or later the jig is up. Game over.


This means at least one thing. Every moment, every breath, every thought, every action, every interaction, every intention and every everything else is precious.


Your life and your time on the planet is precious.



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The meaning of life has been hotly debated since humans have had the capacity to hotly debate. At the end of the day, I have no idea what the Universe wants from us. For all I know, sitting around playing video games, drinking cheap beer, pounding pints of your favorite ice cream, and/or binge watching reality TV is a crucial aspect of the cosmic plan. But I doubt it.


Humans are here to do stuff. And the humans who find their truth and have the courage to act on it are the ones who change the world. Their worlds. And the worlds of those they touch.


It does take courage. There are ways to live that appear to be easier. But that’s just an illusion.The people who have the grit to act on their dreams are the ones who have sailed across forbidden seas, sketched out the math of the stars, built skyscrapers, bled heart stopping poetry, and done about a million other batsh*t crazy, sweet, delicious, fun and stunning other things.


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Shortly before I graduated college (with a degree in Creative Writing with Perspectives from Philosophy, Religion and Psychology) my advisor sat me down and laid out some sobering truth.


“If you choose to be an artist, be prepared for 97% pain and rejection.”


She followed up with another bit of harsh reality.


“Once you step off of this campus, the world is going to do everything possible to beat you down and stop you from learning, growing, creating and expanding.”

At the time I didn’t believe it. Twenty some years later I do.


I’ve seen so many people drop their passions and their purpose for no good reason. These are the dead-eyed masses who don’t laugh from their bellies, don’t have much to say, and avoid eye contact unless absolutely necessary. You know who I’m talking about.


But the dreamers are still out there.

The world marvels at their innovation. Their weirdness. Their talent. Their soulful swagger. These people are the ones who sparkle, giggle and grace us with their vision.


Whether it’s hatching a plan for an erotic bakery, blowing off the day job to take pictures of monkeys in Asia, or learning how to brew up some kick ass beer in the garage, these are the ones you want to hang out with.


This is who you want to be.

This is who you could be.


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Underneath all of the crap, fear and social conditioning. this is who you were born to be. Your own special, freakish, imperfect, beautiful, f*ed up self is waiting to come out and play.

If you’re reading this, you’re ready.


This book is for you.


— You’re creative even if you haven’t really put out in years.


— You burn (or smolder) with the punk rock spirit. You question authority.