Peter Akinleye



This eBook is dedicated to my ever indefatigable mum.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter one______ Fear
  3. Chapter two ______ Procrastination
  4. Chapter three ______ Marching out of the line
  5. Chapter four ______ Love for lust
  6. Chapter five ______ The act of service
  7. Chapter six ______ Inferiority complex
  8. Chapter seven ______ There is no tomorrow
  9. Chapter eight ­­_____ Illusion
  10. Chapter nine _____ Abnormality
  11. Chapter ten ­­­­­­­______ Grow to be a leader
  12. Chapter eleven _____ You are special
  13. Chapter twelve ____ From conformation to transformation
  14. Chapter thirteen ______ Power of the mind
  15. Chapter fourteen _______ Ambition cannot be given



 Change is the only thing that is constant in life. One of the characteristics of a living organism is adaptation which is the ability to change and adapt to his/her new environment or situation.


The current regime has a slogan which is CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME, actually Change begin with an individual, nobody can change you, you are the architect of your life, so therefore you are the only person that can change yourself, but the real change begin within you. Your mind it’s a battle field, there is a war going inside you every blessed day, the way you manage and tame your mind will determine who you will be.


If you want to change the world, try to change yourself, and if you want to change yourself, change your mind. This story illustrate it better ‘A long time ago there was a king who embarked on a long journey, those days there was neither sandal nor motors for transportation, when the King came back from his journey, his leg was covered with sores, He lamented “the world is full of thorns”, he said to his servant, cover the whole world with leather. One of his chief advise him that instead of covering the whole world with leather why can’t he just cut a little pieces of the leather to cover his leg.


To change the world, why can’t you change your perspective about the world, if you think that you are in a problem, why don’t you change your mind, thinking that there is an opportunity in every problem? If you are buffeted by the wind and you feel like giving up, why you don’t think that when the going got tough the tough get going. When the world gives you a hundred reasons to cry, why can’t you give them a billion reasons to laugh. When other say you can’t make it, why can’t you girdle up your loin and tell them you are up to the task.







Fear is the dark room where people develops there negative potential


Many people live in constant fear, they are scared of who they are, of what they want to become, they are scared of failure and whosoever that is scared of failure will never attain success. Fear is the constant feeling of depressed emotions, when you allow fear to eat much into you, you will just be stagnant in a place, because you will be afraid of moving forward and even scared of taken a step backward.


Human set limitations or imaginary boundaries for themselves because of fear of exploiting.


If you don’t launch your goal because of fear nobody will do it for you, remember that nobody congratulate a pregnant woman, but people will always celebrate her when she put to bed, regardless of the pain she pass through.


If you don’t conquer the fear, it will dominate you and turn you to a slave of your talent. Remember Apostle Paul letter to Timothy, it say ‘for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind’.