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Your Best Body Yet

Flab to Fab in Just 12 Weeks!

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ysm body bible

Jodie Hedley-Ward is the originator of the You Sexy Mother concept and author of the international best-sellers, You Sexy Mother and You Sexy Mother: The Journal. In demand as a public speaker, Jodie also has a website ( which provides inspiration and support to mums around the world. In 2009 she founded the International Motherhood Study alongside Dr Angela Huntsman. Originally from New Zealand, Jodie now lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband David and their two children, Lili and Josh.
Kelli Johnson, who has devised and tested all the training programs in the book, is an international figure champion and now a highly successful personal trainer and member of the IFBB Professional League. Career highlights include winning Miss Australia twice, representing Australia at the world titles and becoming a professional athlete in her 40s. Kelli has a sports science degree and lives in Australia with her husband Colin and daughter Paige. Her website is

What mums are saying about You Sexy Mother...

The first time I went on national television and spoke about the You Sexy Mother philosophy and ‘tired-mum syndrome’, an incredible 1600 emails came flooding in within 24 hours. Here is just a snapshot of what you had to say...

I just wanted to say a great big thank you for your awesome book. I stumbled upon it after talking to my cousin who had found that your words had ‘revolutionised’ her life. She wouldn’t even lend me her copy as she said she often refers to it!

So I went and spent the money and it could not have come at a better time in my life. I am 30 years old and a mother of two beautiful children. I love being at home with them, but I couldn’t shake this feeling of discontent and I really felt quite depressed with certain aspects of my life. Mainly how I looked, but also how I had neglected myself so badly that I no longer had any inspiration or goals besides raising these gorgeous kids. When you discussed the ‘years of neglect’ I almost cried. This was me! It was like you were writing this book just for me!

I want to thank you for inspiring me to get the most out of my life.


I discovered your book recently and have to admit my first thought was—why, in this culture, must women be urged to be ‘sexy’ at all times?

But it wasn’t really about the sex, was it! After reading it, I am truly inspired. It dawned on me only a few pages in that this was the most positive take on mothering that I’ve encountered since joining the ‘club’. Almost everything else out there seems to focus on the pain, the tears, the mess and the sleeplessness. Which are all facts of a mother’s life ... but dwelling on them indefinitely doesn’t help. At first it can be kind of reassuring to read about others suffering a similar ‘fate’ as a new mother, but after a while, I know that I felt as if I was drowning in a sticky hole, losing hope and pride in my job as a mother, and almost unable to see why anyone would put themselves through it a second time by choice!

Your book has really helped to change my mindset. The job of mothering has been seriously devalued in our culture, but your book will inspire women to reclaim the importance and the joy of that role. I love the sense of positivity with which you’ve you’ve approached the topic—without glossing over any of the difficulties.

Thank you for an amazing book!


I remember when my daughter was born, I really wished she had come with some kind of instruction manual ... conversations with my husband always used to start with ‘I wonder...’ because we really didn’t know! I was thinking how amazing it would be if every new mum could have a copy of your book. I wondered if maternity hospitals could give one to each new mum? I am sure it would make a huge difference to how they cope...

I think you are an inspiration and I would love to help you find a way to get your ‘Instruction Manual’ to mums everywhere!


Since I became a mum, my husband and I have drifted further and further apart and I have forgotten to look after myself. About two months ago, something clicked in my head and I thought now is the time to do something about it.

I booked a 10-day detox trip to Bali and then that same night I saw you talking about your book on TV. I purchased the book on the Internet and saved it for my trip. I have only just returned from my trip, which was the best thing I could have done, but what helped me even more was your book. It seemed every section was written just for me.


I love that this is more than a one-off, that you’re devoting a lot of time, resources and energy into this market, which has been crying out for information, inspiration and a ray of light! We want it all—and there’s not much out there that shows us how to get it!


My journey so far is that I am a mum of a very spirited, challenging but very affectionate 20-month-old daughter Indiana and she totally turned my world upside down. In addition, we turned our world upside down by relocating, giving up my career and my husband totally changing his. I was at a crossroads a few months ago, just in that limbo land between wanting my old life back and hating myself for not embracing motherhood so passionately as I had my career. I heard about your book on A Current Affair and went out and bought it. I couldn’t put it down and it changed my perspective on so many things. In particular about wanting a life better than the one I had before. Why is it that you only remember the good things about past jobs? I could only remember the travel, the money, people I had met and conveniently forgot the long hours, the deadlines, the pressure and the lack of time for the people that matter the most to me. I didn’t know who I was outside of my job and it was totally out of my control.

It is so refreshing to have this book remind us that it is okay to think about you and, in fact, if you do, the rest will just naturally follow. I am sure you have received many, many other emails just like this one. I have already recommended your book to many of my friends.


I took it home in my pile with me last night to read and I couldn’t stop reading. From the moment I started reading the introduction ‘If tired was not an option’ and the way you described that ‘aha’ moment of no longer being constrained by being busy, or tired, or those tags we all use – it struck a chord – I’m sick of saying that I’m busy, everyone is, we need a new state of being and your attitude and fired-up drive to change your self-image was very inspiring!


Just writing to say thank you for your book. I have made my vision board and it is on display in the dining area. I watch the light dance off it every day as I move towards my authentic self/life and start to build bridges to where I would like to be. My board started off small and it increased in size as I added words, poems and special sayings kept over the years.


I just wanted to let you know that I bought your book this afternoon. It’s like your book jumped off the shelf at me. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I need this book and so far your words have struck such a chord with me. My journey is now beginning as I read your book and I am finding it inspirational and life-changing already.

After skimming through your book in the store I decided I would actually slow down and order myself something really nice for lunch. So, I sat in a nice coffee shop reading your book, enjoying a fabulous lunch, and for the first time in two years felt no guilt about having time away. It was a revelation! And, afterwards, on my way back to the car, I actually entered a lingerie shop for the first time in many years and decided that as soon as I finish breastfeeding, I am going to buy myself some beautiful underwear as a reward to myself for feeding two children!


The book has taken me through a journey of self-assurance; my babies are 20 & 17! Our son went off to university this year and what a heart-wrenching time, so I’ve read your book, got out the old photo albums and family videos and had a wonderful time remembering being a new mum. I would do some things differently—but not many!

Thanks for sharing and highlighting how wonderful it is having littlies—this has helped heal some of the heartache.


It is amazing that I actually bought your book and let it sit in my room for about three months before I felt the time was right for me to read it – I had to be ready to take it on. I want to thank you so much – I just wish I could hire you out to come and do some one-on-one sessions with me!


Dedicated to every woman who finds her way to this book...
May you find within these pages the answers you seek to questions you possibly haven’t even been able to voice yet.


When it comes to coaching someone to a place of total health and fitness, nobody does it better than Kelli.

I was first introduced to Kelli a couple of years ago when Steve’s sister Joy and her husband, Frank, started their weight training. I was especially impressed with Kelli’s achievements as she is only three years younger than me and is competing at the top in her body-shaping events. She is an exceptional athlete who only wants to help others reach their personal best.

I have been nothing short of astounded by the results I have experienced after following Kelli’s nutrition and exercise plan. Since I am very involved with hands-on wildlife work, the strength I have gained by eating right and getting fit has really helped when it comes to our crocodile research. Especially when I have to hang on to a 4-metre-long dinosaur!

I have also found that Kelli’s routine has led to better sleeping, clear thinking, and the ability to cope with life’s stresses. The other bonus of getting into shape is the confidence in attending red-carpet events and knowing that I can promote a healthy body instead of an incredibly skinny one!

Best of all, I’ve gained a great friend. Thanks Kelli!

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Thanks to...

Each of the following people has sprinkled a little of their own unique magic upon this project and I am so grateful for their contributions and support.

Kelli Johnson and Terri Irwin
Mary O’Dwyer, Dr Angela Huntsman and Anders Lindgreen
Lorna Jane – for providing the clothing featured throughout the book
Dallas Olsen and Antoinette Wilkins for their respective photographic and styling expertise
The amazing team at Exisle Publishing
Annah Stretton, Donna and Gerry Morris and Deborah Parker for their ongoing support
My wonderful husband David, and finally...
To Lili and Josh – tell me again, how did I get to be the luckiest mum in the world?

Your Best Body Yet

‘24 months to a new body!’

Let me ask you a question – how likely are you to purchase a magazine with the above tagline, as opposed to one that reads ‘Lose 20kg in four weeks’? I’ll tell you right now – not very likely at all.

The truth is, sculpting an athletic body takes time and effort, depending on what condition you wish it to be in and what condition you were in when you started. It has to be earned, but this is also what makes it so rewarding. Your body becomes your very own Oscar statue; something that money cannot buy and that no one can ever take away from you. It becomes a source of great confidence and, unlike a trophy, it is very useful and will enable you to get ahead in life and create some well-deserved momentum. And even if you won’t achieve your desired end result tomorrow, it will gradually build – every small success will make the journey easier and that smile on your face a little wider.

The program that follows has been designed with you in mind – a busy, multifaceted woman, whose body has undergone a major transition as a result of giving birth. It is real, it is honest, and it works. Be kind to yourself as you approach this wonderful turning point in your life, knowing that time and effort can take you anywhere you want to go – but you must allow enough of both if you ever hope to reach the end goal.

Be easy about it all and enjoy the ride!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.