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Introduction to the 2017, revised and expanded third edition

Last year saw the Web Summit move to Portugal for its first Web summit event in Lisbon. Attendance was claimed to be around 56,000, and 60,000 is projected for the 2017 event. As the Web Summit continues its relentless pursuit of increased numbers and growth each year, the challenge is to determine whether it still holds value for you as an attendee, exhibitor, speaker, investor or some combination of all of these. Naturally as numbers continue to rise, it suggests that there is still a belief among many that there is something to be gained by attending. At Irish Tech News we have continuously covered this event for the last five years. We will continue to do so for the 2017 event with an increased team from 2016. As always you are more than welcome to reach out to us through our Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or email us at if you’d like to pitch us to cover your idea, team or business. If possible you might even get to meet one of the team in person at this year’s event too.

This year will certainly be bigger, though the challenge for you, as an attendee is to make sure it is better too. With already over 60,000 and counting attendees said to be attending this year’s event, this year will certainly have significantly more people at it than any of the previous events. That said there are now many more events out there, both within the Web Summit offering, and also in the wider tech conference ecosystem. It’s a fair guess to estimate that the organisers of Web Summit are looking to grow their main event towards the size of Mobile Web Summit, CES and the other really huge global tech conferences. The question for you as an attendee though should always remain: Is this particular event right for me, and if it is: How do I get the most value from it?

We have drawn on the insights from all of the previous Web Summit events, as well as other international conferences in Paris, Singapore, Moscow, Riga, Helsinki, Madrid, Brussels, Dublin, Cork and Tel Aviv among others attended by our team. Our aim is to ensure this ebook offers you the best possible chance to make the most of your time at this year’s Web Summit. There are great speakers attending, there are politicians of global stature attending, there are interested investors, angels and VCs (venture capitalists) attending, there are useful, influential members of the world’s media attending too. The opportunities still exist, if you can successfully identify what it is you are looking to achieve from your time at the Web Summit. If you can strategise, and prioritise what it is you’re are hoping to achieve from your time there, then, with a bit of luck and a lot of planning and smart thinking, then you can ensure you have a successful and productive visit to Lisbon this November.


It is also fortunate that Lisbon / Lisboa is a lovely place too. For all the laments of how it is not Dublin, it is a beautiful city in its own right with great cafes, trams, avenues, the sea, Belem, the Museo de Azulejos and even its mosaic pavements. If at all possible try to have some time to actually look up, around and down to appreciate the awesome location that it is, as well as getting the benefit of the Web Summit side of things while you are there. As it becomes more and more possible to work remotely too, perhaps you can take more time to spend a few days in Lisbon either side of the event and benefit from some of the many ancillary events that always take place around the same time as the Web Summit. Porto also has a thriving start-up scene too and is worth taking time to investigate if you have time, and you can convince your boss (if you have one) of the value in spending a little more time in Portugal.

The Web Summit in Lisbon 2017 ( will take place from the 6th to the 9th of November, in the MEO Arena and FIL, Lisbon, Portugal, with satellite venues across the city. Now in its seventh year, Web Summit Lisbon 2017 will host 26 conferences, approximately 1,300 speakers and over 60,000 attendees from over 160 countries. This ebook is an unofficial guide, aimed at helping you to get the most out of your visit to the Web Summit, a place where fantastic opportunities exist for you to initiate, grow, fundraise, connect and sell your business to investors, customers and the world’s media. You can book tickets here.

We have shared with you a series of shortcuts, tips and ideas to help you maximise the impact of your time there. Some of these are tactical, some strategic and some esoteric; all are aimed at putting you in the right headspace to really get the maximum benefit out of your time at the Web Summit.

We also asked key attendees over the last six years for their insights on making the most of the Web Summit. Strategically placed across the book, these insights bring real practical value to your Web Summit strategy.

Twitter recurs as an invaluable tool for contacting and pitching your idea to these contributors and many others. With their permission, we have included their Twitter handles (where possible) – this may help you to line up useful encounters with investors, gurus, technical whizzes and anyone else that might be able to help you get your awesome idea / product / story out to the world. Which is what you’re attending the Web Summit 2017 to achieve! Remember too that the Web Summit’s own website also has a useful FAQ section which will help to answer some of your most basic questions: Where is it? How can I buy a ticket? Can I give it to someone else, etc.


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Frank Dillon

Mon, Oct 26, 2015, 01:00

Book Title: How to crack the Web Summit 2015

ISBN-13: 9781846211676

Author: Simon Cocking

Publisher: Nu Books/Oak Tree Press

Guideline Price: €9.83

Tech journalist Simon Cocking has put together a clever little ebook guide to the forthcoming Web Summit.

The move to Lisbon will likely be a disappointment to him, as the book is framed from a Dublin perspective, so unfortunately it won’t be as handy to quickly reissue for next year.

He can’t be blamed for that, however, and if he does his homework early, a Lisbon edition could be a handy follow-up project.

Cocking has covered the event extensively in the past so brings an insider perspective, with lots of practical advice that will be useful to those attending next month’s gathering of 30,000 tech enthusiasts in the capital.