Cat T. Mad


Short Stories


The heading is the program.

Just a Porn includes seven varied, homoerotic short stories that take place in the present days. Unexpected situations bring men together and provide them with one thing first and foremost; their fun.

From a cartoonist who uses a builder as his muse and get caught in the act to a callboy who falls in love with a guest. Beyond a doubt, the reader will expect a lot of sex and a happy ending. Stories full of explicit, in detail described erotic which however doesn’t show a lack of humor, romance and deep meanings.

Heroic Dreams


Dominic dropped the pen to his countertop. He was frustrated.

“It simply can’t be true!”

He crumpled the piece of paper up, and he set his sight on the already quite overstuffed wastebasket. Then he threw the paper in this direction. He missed his target, and the unshapely ball landed next to numerous other ones on the dark laminate floor. The man with the reddish brown hair heaved an impatient groan. He reached for his cup of coffee and went on his way to the kitchen. A glance at his watch revealed to him that it was already past midnight. His body demonstrated to him his tiredness, and as a result he gave a loud yawn. He knew that he should better vanish into his bed. Maybe he would be more successful on the following day? He rubbed his eyes, but despite of his exhaustion, he pushed the button for another hot drink which would keep him awake. Dominic braced himself against the countertop. He listened to the sound of the pouring in of the hot coffee and sighed desperately. There were no more than two weeks left, until the publisher should have received the rough draft of the comic, and everything he was able to draw was a load of bullshit which enriched the wastebasket. The story was on his mind, the pictures in front of his eyes, but for any reason whatsoever he obviously wasn’t capable of drawing a single line on the paper at this moment. The fact that it was his profession and that it wasn’t his first comic made him feel even more frustrated.

His gay serial had been a sensation, and now it was up to him to provide for further hot entertainment. His new volume should be about a leader of the Vikings, a guy like a wardrobe with muscles of steel who took everything that he wanted without mercy. Actually it was really something he was into, even though this time he couldn’t manage it. Each one of his drafts didn’t seem to be right. He reached for his filled cup and strolled back into his study. With an accompanied sigh, he sat down on his revolving chair. Subsequently he stared at the white sheet of paper and he began to outline.

“Damned, Bram, why do you make it so difficult for me?” he wondered, while the picture of the dark blond hulk appeared in front of his eyes.

The mere thought which kind of phenomenal, gigantic dick he would bestow on the Viking, made Dominic swiftly lick his lower lip, and then he jammed his tongue between his teeth. A desperate laughter escaped from his throat.

“When I can’t think of anything else but of fucking, I certainly won’t be able to succeed in this!” He cast his pen aside, and his upper body dropped to his desk. Immediately after he had put his forearms in a comfortable position, he rested his head on top of them.

“A nice, big dick. Muscles, as if they were carved out of marble…a proud, passionate facial expression…,” he murmured and fell asleep.


“Oh my God,” he gasped out, when a relentless noise woke him up.

A jackhammer. The hammering seemed to eat its way in each convolution of his brain and it made his eyes spring open with desperation. His head was hurting, as well as his arms he had slept on. A glance at his wrist watch revealed to him that it was 7.30 in the morning.

“Holy shit, you can’t be serious,” he grumbled. With a pinched face, he glared at the open French window. Silently cursing, he struggled to his feet, because the rest of his body also gave evidence that he had spent the night in an awkward position. As soon as he stood at the door, the sun mercilessly smiled in his face and educed a sleep-deprived grumble from him.

“What a bitch,” was the only thing Dominic voiced.

Then he energetically closed the double door. He frowned, when the noise sounded still extremely loud in his ears. “That’s impossible to endure,” he grunted, and he dragged his feet into the kitchen. With a groan, he observed how the coffee was filling his cup, because even in this room the noise of the sledgehammer was clearly perceivable. After his first sip, he slowly went through his apartment. A desperate sound escaped from his lips. “How shall I concentrate on my work that way?” The grueling noise reached each single corner in the rooms. With a pained expression, he sat down on his couch and he emptied his cup of coffee. He hoped that the roadwork would soon be finished. It was one thing that he momentarily wasn’t able to accomplish his tasks, but under these conditions everything was condemned to failure. Snarling, he switched on his audio equipment and he turned up the music at full volume. Subsequently he vanished into the bathroom. Despite of his sound exposure, the noise of the machine was still perceivable in the background. Dominic’s mood, which had already hit bottom, became increasingly worse. He briefly tried to concentrate on the drawings on his desk, but he gave up this attempt within a couple of minutes. He was frustrated, and he began to clean his apartment, although his mood didn’t improve at all.

When at lunchtime the noise died down abruptly, a relieved sigh passed his lips. Once again he took his seat in front of his workplace, he reached for his pen and he tried to commit his thoughts to paper. After a few minutes however, the sheet exactly landed there, where the other ones had found an accommodation on the previous evening, in the wastebasket. Just then when he decided to relax on the couch for an hour, the horrible noise reached his ears again. Dominic uttered a tortured sound, and he placed his head on the surface of his desk.  The hammering indefatigably radiated through his apartment in the same manner as he had heard it during the whole morning, and it drove him to insanity. A soft, but furious cry passed his lips. He got up and went in the direction of the French window. With a scowl, he looked through the glass. Dominic came to the conclusion that the construction work had to be directly in front of the house, because he couldn’t spot anything on the opposite side of the road. He snorted, opened the door and stepped on the balcony. His assumption was confirmed when he glanced downwards. A small construction unit of three people was in the train of tearing open the road.

“Shit, there it goes,” Dominic realized, when he spotted the marks on the lane of traffic. The construction workers would clearly be occupied for a longer period of time. He nearly was tempted to raise his arms into the air and to yell at them that he couldn’t work under these circumstances. He already visualized the gun his publisher would aim at his head. Softly sighing, he braced himself against the railing of the balcony and closed his eyelids. Why was everything and everyone conspiring against him? When he opened them again, he set eyes on the man who handled the sledgehammer.

“Tzzzz,” escaped his mouth with surprise. His gaze was focused on a naked back. Dominic’s jaw dropped one inch after another, while he scrutinized the body on the street. Because of the summer heat, the tanned skin of the man was covered with a glossy layer. The guy had long, curly hair that he had tied up behind his neck. Dominic regretted that the rest of his head was protected by a baseball cap. Below it, Dominic spotted a knotted cloth in order to absorb the sweat. His eyes explored the muscled shoulders of the other man, down to his butts in black work pants which made Dominic’s eyebrows lift in a rapture.

The observed person turned slightly in the course of his work, so that Dominic could catch a glimpse of his facial features. The mere view of his defined abdominal muscles was reason enough that a sigh left his lips. His former hell seemed to turn into a paradise at this moment. The man he had tried to outline for weeks had come alive, and he was tearing up the street in front of his eyes.  A secret smile flashed over Dominic’s face.  Five minutes later he had made himself comfortable with a drawing board, a MP 3 player and a cold drink on the balcony. The pen in his hand was literally flying over the paper, while Dominic glanced down time and again. He regretted that he couldn’t see the face of the man. Even then when he turned around, the sun protection of the builder made sure that he merely could spot his clear-cut chin. Nevertheless, the view of his muscular chest wanted to push his blood into his lumbar region. Dominic bit his lower lip and he concentrated on the Viking again who visibly took shape more and more. Just then when he darted a glance over the railing one more time, the machines were switched off. The man he was focusing on pulled off the baseball cap from his head. He was tempted to forget about the Viking and to commit a comic to paper which was about pirates. At this precise moment, the guy on the street unfastened the cloth and wiped his face with it.

“Wow,” was the only thing he could utter at this sight.

A few curly, blond strands had unloosened and framed a face that seemed to be perfect. He literally sucked the picture in which was offered to him, he licked his lips and he hurriedly turned his attention to the piece of paper in front of him in order to put down the view that was burned in his reticulum. His night was short. It was as if a spell had been broken, and even the walls of his work room gave evidence of it. The first pictures were put in lines, and Dominic’s imagination gradually took shape. When the noises of the previous day resounded again in the early morning hours, he woke up with a smirking smile all over his face.  He anticipated that he would be confronted with a very creative day. Softly singing, he jumped into the shower, and moments later he took a seat on the balcony and had breakfast there. He almost would have shouted with glee, when the blond man in view of the increasing temperatures put off his close-fitting T-shirt and continued working with his bare upper body.

At lunchtime he forced himself to go shopping, so that he could spend the remaining time with drawing and looking down.


On the fourth evening, Dominic sat contentedly in his study. His arms were crossed behind his neck, while he looked at the drawings he had created. He was absolutely aware of the fact that his publisher would bowdlerize some scenes with a grin in his face. He also would have to be exposed to comments, because he hadn’t been able to stop himself from being a part of the comic once again. The people who would spot him could immediately draw their conclusions, but it didn’t matter to him. Usually he played only minor parts in his picture stories, but this time he had slipped into one of the lead characters, the other one was played by the blond Viking.

The storyline was simple. It was about two Viking tribes that fought against each other. The leader of one of the tribes was the blond man, and he himself was the chief of the other tribe. The two tribal headman were abducted, and during the time of their imprisonment, they realized that they shared something else than hatred only. Since Dominic appreciated a happy ending, the two men could free themselves of course. And they all lived happily ever after…

He sighed. Henning wouldn’t accept all of the scenes during their captivity. Sure, erotic pictures were a substantial part of his comic, he and his publisher based on this feature, but Dominic had explicitly gone into detail. He had drawn how his tongue plunged into the butt of the blond man, how the other guy had used him, and he bandied words about which certainly would cause a single long beep of the expurgation. The first pages were mainly characterized by the violence of the blond opponent towards his counterpart, but then the course gradually became shallower, because he felt attracted to his enemy. Dominic hadn’t been able to keep his self-control, and he had given in to the desire to put all of the pictures to paper which had come into existence in his fantasies, even when a part of them would never be printed.

It didn’t take long until he felt the demanding swelling of his dick. It was one of these moments when he longed for a partner in order to do it with him. He had already been a single for more than a year. His last relationship hadn’t lasted for a long time, and it was condemned to failure because Daniel preferred a softer style only. At the beginning, Dominic could get along with this, but the longer their partnership lasted, the more he longed for something else. Stroking was nice, but he also was fond of being treated a bit harder from time to time, and it actually was one of his most tender fantasies. Their relationship was heading towards a crisis. Dominic was unsatisfied and he made Daniel feel it, and their separation was preprogrammed.  It would have been easy for Dominic to arrange for quickies anytime, he was attractive, but there was one thing that thwarted his plans: He wanted to feel love and not only sex. He closed his eyes and he dreamed of the things the Viking would do to him. Moments later he ejaculated on his naked belly.


Once again he woke up with a broad smile, but it almost vanished when he realized that it was Friday. Grumbling, he understood that he wouldn’t be able to take a look at the blond man within the next two days. When the additional question sneaked into his mind, how much longer the construction work would take, his smile disappeared completely. The previous week had been an absolute thrill for his fantasy, and only because he had observed this well-proportioned giant at work. Dominic gave himself a kick in his ass and got up. The draft of his comic was almost finished, he had accomplished a lot and nothing else mattered in the end.  With a cup of coffee in his hand, he stepped on the balcony and stared at the familiar sight. His gaze was glued to the object of his desire, and he enjoyed the view of his well-fitting T-shirt. An impatient groan escaped from his throat, when he noticed that the sledgehammer would have finished its work in the course of the present day. There was a small part left only, and the mark on the street would have been reached.  There was a brief flicker of hope that the man of his dreams might have some more work to do on the construction site, but he couldn’t be sure.  Dominic sighed softly, and he caught himself yearningly staring at the guy on the street. He uttered a mutter of discontent and slumped into the seat of his chair. His eyes were staring at the sky. “You even don’t know this guy, so abandon your romantic fantasies!” he grumbled to himself. Slightly frustrated, he took a shower, and subsequently he went back to his seat in the sun.

However, he had left his drawing items on his desk, and instead of working, he simply enjoyed the noise that had threatened to overwrought his nerves at the beginning of this week. At lunchtime, silence set in and he decided on preparing something to eat. Unenthusiastically he stared into the refrigerator, and with a sigh, he slammed the door shut again. No, he certainly wouldn’t spoil his good mood, only because he adored a man who was beyond his reach. “Sometimes you are a damned dreamer,” he explained to himself, and he looked into the fridge one more time. His actual intention was interrupted when he heard that someone rang his doorbell. He sighed impatiently and strolled to the entrance. He opened the door and his heart skipped a beat. The man he had repeatedly observed for a whole week was standing in front of him. His arms were crossed in front of his chest, and his facial expression clearly revealed his fury. Green eyes were staring at him from below the baseball cap, and Dominic had a feeling that he would inevitably drop dead any moment, because of the piercing gaze of his visitor. He merely looked at him and he couldn’t breathe a word.

“I would like to know, why you have been gaping at me for the whole week as if I were an alien.”

The voice of the man sounded annoyed and harsh, but nevertheless he felt a warm shiver running up and down his spine. Dominic tried to avert his gaze from the accusing eyes of the other man, but he couldn’t manage it. He wasn’t able to give him an answer either. The only thing he was longing for was that the earth would swallow him up at that very moment, and actually quickly and painlessly.

“I am waiting, or are you dumb?”

His voice sounded even more aggressive, and Dominic almost gave a start.

His mouth went dry, and he still couldn’t breathe any words. He merely managed to shake his head.

“Alright, since you obviously are not dumb, I would suggest that you open your mouth and explain to me why you are observing me.”

With a racing heart, he realized that the earth didn’t make his wish come true, and the constructor was looking at him as if he wanted to go for his throat. Dominic silently cleared his throat, and in a shaky voice he explained to him, “I draw pictures.”

“Of me, or of what?”

“Hum…yes…no. Not really.”

“What do you mean by that?” he retorted sharply.

Once again Dominic requested the earth to open spontaneously. “You are inspiring.” It was the only sentence he could stammer.

The green eyes were still glaring at him, but not with the same lethal intensity as before. “And what do you draw?”


“Hey lad, do I have to worm each single word out of your nose?” The man sounded slightly amused.

Dominic’s heartbeat accelerated even more. Was there a more stupid situation than explaining to the giant in front of him that he was the main character in one of his gay porn comics?

Yes, there was.

The construction worker approached him, and after two steps the blond man stopped in his hallway. Dominic, whose hand still was touching the door, stared upward with surprise, and he felt the gaze of the other man more intense than ever.

“Well, then show them to me,” he demanded.

Dominic did the only thing he could think of at this moment, he shook his head.

“The expression in the face of his counterpart changed from amused to annoyed again. “Hey lad, it doesn’t work that way. You can’t explain to me that I am an inspiration for the comics you draw, and then you refuse to show them to me.”

“I can’t?” he uttered with a pained expression.

“No, definitely not. And even when you look at me like an innocent puppy, it won’t help you at all!”

His mind was racing, and he desperately reflected how he could escape from this situation. However, he didn’t have the time to come to a decision. The construction worker loosened Dominic’s grip on the door and he noisily let it shut. Dominic gave a jerk and his eyes sprang open.

“You lad have two possibilities now. Either I walk through your place on my own and search for the pictures, or you go ahead and you eventually show to me what you have drawn.”

The blond man had planted himself in front of him and he scrutinized him exceptionally menacingly. Dominic voiced a desperate sigh, but he didn’t move an inch.

“Well then,” the man announced, and without being asked, he went on his way through the apartment.

Dominic struggled for air, he looked at the back of the other man and he had the presence of mind at least in order to react when the construction worker was heading for his sleeping room.

“Stop!” Dominic visualized his collection of toys that were sitting on his nightstand, and a wave of panic was flooding through his body. He was fortunate that the other man stopped in time and gave him a demanding look. He audibly sighed with relief, and he strode in the direction of his study. Couldn’t he simply drop dead? That certainly would be a much better option than the prospect of his face being smashed in, or even to end up lying in the ripped open street.

This guy had muscles all over, and Dominic already saw himself chopped into fish bait, when he thought of the pictures which were wallpapering his work room. Considerably trembling, he went past the tall man and entered his study. His visitor followed him immediately. As soon as the stranger spotted the pictures, he approached them closer.

“Don’t kill me, okay?” Dominic whispered in a stammering tone of voice, and he retreated to the opposite side of the room.

Leaning against the wall, he stared at the floor and he hoped that not all hell would break loose soon. The man uttered an indefinable sibilant which made him jerk. “You have forced me to show them to you,” Dominic apologetically said through pursed lips. He moaned silently, and he was prepared that he would feel a forceful fist in his face any moment. A tense silence was prevailing in the room, while the stranger was looking at everything.

“You know what, lad, there is one major mistake in nearly all of your drawings,” he heard the man’s explanation, and his voice sounded amused.

Dominic lifted his head with surprise, and he stared at the man who was still looking at the pictures. He knew that the construction worker was just standing at the level where he could spot all the detail which wouldn’t be published at all. On one hand he was relieved that the man obviously didn’t intend to strangle him to death, but on the other hand his heart skipped a beat and he felt nauseated. “Which is?” he cautiously asked in a quavering voice.

“You must know…Bram’s dick is clearly smaller than mine.”

Dominic’s mind slowly absorbed these words, and after they had finally arrived, they left a loud echo behind. The construction worker turned around, and as if he had all the time in the world, he unbuttoned his black work pants and   pulled them down, inclusive his shorts, to an extent that a hard dick jumped up in Dominic’s direction.  He gasped for air, and he looked at the other man with a completely perplexed and surprised expression.

“You see, you have done a good job. But as I have already mentioned, enlarge my dick in your drawings.” In order to emphasize his words, he took his own one in his hand and rubbed it briefly.

“Clearly bigger,” Dominic panted, and he was sure that he would slump down any moment.

“Yep,” the construction worker explained plainly.

In front of his eyes, the other man pulled up his shorts again, whereas a considerable piece of his hardness stuck out on the top. Then his work pants followed. The men merely fumbled with his T-shirt a bit, so that the top of his dick which was still wedged between his skin and his clothes could only be guessed. The stranger approached him slowly and stopped closely in front of him. Dominic once again was quite sure that he would lose his consciousness at once. As a result of the happenings, a tent was pitched up in his jogging pants. It was noticed by the other man, too, and while he was embarrassed, the intruder merely grinned at him wantonly.

“Well, lad, will you smooth this mistake in the pictures out?”

Cold and hot shivers were running down Dominic’s spine, because the tone of voice of his counterpart sounded hoarse and aroused. He didn’t dare to trust his own voice anymore, and therefore he merely managed a nod. However he avoided it at all costs to look into the eyes of the man.  He actually was inwardly proud that the man had gotten a boner because of the pictures, but that he also had an immediate arousal after the blond man had unbuttoned his pants embarrassed him even more than he ever would have expected. Even before he realized a movement, he felt a grip on his dick. A surprised panting sound left Dominic’s lips.

“In my opinion you also should take care of Hakon’s dick. This one here feels much bigger than the one you have painted,” the man explained softly.

In order to confirm his words, he firmly rubbed with his hand the hardness several times. Once again Dominic could only pant, while a quiver was racing through his body.

The stranger let abruptly go of him and turned around. He slowly headed for the exit of the room. “By the way, Bram’s real name is Sven,” he said nonchalantly, and subsequently he left the apartment.

Immediately after Dominic had heard the door click shut, he exhaled deeply. “I am dying,” he explained, and he slid down on the wall he was leaning against with his back.

He moaned impatiently, and he looked down at his tight pants. He shook his head, because he still couldn’t believe what he just had experienced. He didn’t know if this incident had to be classified as sheer madness or as a totally embarrassing situation. But one thing went without question. His infatuation for this stranger had turned into an extensive fire.

“Sven,” he whispered softly.

His dick jerked visibly, when he remembered the lascivious facial expression of the other man while he had lowered his pants. Dominic’s hand slid down his body, and he simply had to imagine that the hand of the stranger would touch him again. He suppressed a moan when he had an orgasm.


He actually complied with Sven’s request.

It was Friday afternoon, the machines were silent and nobody could be seen on the construction site far and wide. They obviously must have called it a week and they wouldn’t return before Monday. Dominic was almost grateful for that. He certainly wouldn’t have dared to take a look over the railing one more time. He took the pictures down from the wall and he began to rework Bram and himself, alias Hakon. This turned him on endlessly, and as a result, he pleasured himself more than once on this afternoon and evening. When he opened his eyelids on the following morning, Dominic had to fight against two things. He was horny once again, and his desire for Sven corded up his rib cage. The situation made him sigh impatiently, and his hand slid under the cover. While he was visualizing pictures and words in his fantasy, he rubbed himself hard, and then he silently moaned Sven’s name when he ejaculated.

Three hours later he entered his apartment, and he stored all of his purchases away.

He certainly didn’t miss the construction noise by any means, whereas he missed the view he had enjoyed the whole week through very much. He sighed. Then he exchanged his jeans for comfortable pants, and with a cup of coffee in his hand, he strolled into his study. With content, he scrutinized his drawings. Bram was well hung by now, and Hakon’s proportions had increased as well, although not nearly as much as the ones of the tribal chief. Dominic bit his lower lip and he felt that his body immediately signaled him how much he was influenced by the pictures. Thereby he automatically had to think of Sven, and once again his dick was longingly pushing against the fabric of his pants. He sighed and shook his head. Eventually he decided to put the finishing touches on Bram’s face. With Sven’s features on his mind, he wanted to refine the Viking and to put more emphasis on his facial expression. He ignored the desire of his loins, and after a while, he sat down in front of his plotting board. He totally lost track of time, and he was dwelling on his thoughts, while he was reworking his drawings one more time.  When he was satisfied with the result, he took a blank sheet, and he gave in to his yearning. Piece after piece, he created a picture which made the tenderness between Hakon and Bram almost touchable.

Time and again he visualized Sven’s lips and he thought of them longingly. Simultaneously he felt a nagging pain in his chest. Sven had turned around and had simply left. The man hadn’t taken advantage of the situation, and therefore it was useless to cherish any hopes. His mind was wearing him out, so that he put down his pen after a while. As a welcome diversion, his stomach began growling, and it loudly demanded something to eat. With a sigh, Dominic reluctantly complied with this request. His low mood remained while he was cooking, and nothing could lift his spirits. He took a look into the stove. His home-made lasagna would need another ten minutes, and he rummaged through the wine bin. Grumbling, the thought hit his mind that he maybe should better open two bottles of red wine in order to dispel his distress, for this evening at least.

When all of a sudden his doorbell rang, he nearly dropped the bottle. Dominic said a short and hurried prayer to heaven that none of his friends would pay him an unannounced visit. He actually had explained to all of them that he had serious time pressure because of the fixed deadline of his publisher firm. He pushed the buzzer for the main entrance of the house. Subsequently he opened his apartment door and leaned against the frame. Dominic was staring at the floor coating, while he tried to collect his thoughts which were partially revolving around Sven and mainly around the timeframe he had been a single. He only lifted his head again, when he heard footsteps on the last stair. His heart began to flutter and his eyes grew wide open, when he spotted the man who had simply left his apartment on the previous day.

“Hey,” Sven voiced, and he nervously put a strand of hair behind his ear.

“Hey,” Dominic replied with surprise.

The other man stopped in the middle of the steps and he seemed to reflect what he could say.  Dominic was taken aback, when he realized that his visitor behaved in a completely different manner than on the day before.

His green eyes looked at him unconfidently and inquiringly at the same time. “Do I disturb you?”

Dominic shook his head, but Sven remained standing where he was.

“Yesterday my colleague waited for me in his car. I had to go; otherwise he would have come looking for me at your place.”

Dominic’s response to his explanation was a mere nod, but his heart began beating faster a bit. An awkward silence between the two men followed which became increasingly unpleasant.

“Come on in,” Dominic requested him in order to ease the tension. He noticed that Sven was visibly relieved to hear this invitation, and he stepped forward.

He left the doorframe and he went back into the kitchen. A flood of thoughts was flowing through his brain, and reflections formed the riptide which stopped it finally. Why did Sven return? Could he possibly have a chance? He wanted to rib this thought in the bud. At the moment, with all his longings in his guts, he simply couldn’t cope with a disappointment, and to cherish hopes that wouldn’t come true would be more than he could bear. He heard that the entrance door was shut silently, and the pleasant smell of after-shave lotion briefly mingled with the food.

“Are you hungry? It is enough for both of us,” he asked, and he looked into the stove once again. He was afraid that his face would reveal all of his feelings which were flooding through him. Joy, yearning, fear, desire. He felt like a walking mayhem.

“I’d be glad to.”

Sven’s voice sent chills up and down his spine. He closed the door of the stove and opened the bottle of wine, and he was still standing with his back to the entrance of the kitchen. Once again the two men didn’t exchange any words, and the tension became almost unbearable. The host removed the cork with a screw. Subsequently he shoved the bottle aside a bit, and then he turned around. His visitor was leaning against the doorframe, and he obviously was as nervous as Dominic. A cozy warmth was running through Dominic’s body, when his gaze was resting on the other man. Sven lifted his head and he looked squarely into his eyes. Green eyes were scrutinizing him intently, so that a trickling sensation radiated through his stomach.

“Did you alter your drawings?” Sven asked, and he twinkled playfully.

“Yes, I did,” he responded grinningly, and with this, he tried to hide his uncertainty.


“You can convince yourself, if you like,” he requested him with a smirk.

“May I?”

Dominic couldn’t suppress a soft laughter. “Yesterday you didn’t behave so obligingly, Sven,” he replied with a twinkle.

“I am really sorry for my performance yesterday. I even didn’t ask your name. I simply intruded like a…Viking,” Sven explained, and he gave a laugh.

The tension, which had prevailed between them moments ago, seemed to have vanished into thin air. He joined in the other man’s laughter. “Dominic. As you can see, I have survived, although you have bogged down my blood supply,” he teased.

A beep interrupted their conversation. It was the signal that the lasagna was ready. Dominic turned around and he put the wine, the cutlery and two glasses as well on a tray and handed it over to Sven.

“Can you take it along with you and put it on the table on balcony, when you go in this direction anyway?”

Sven nodded with a broad grin and he headed towards the study.

Dominic took the food out of the stove. A sigh passed his lips. Yesterday Sven had triggered his sexual desire, and today he was reaching out for his heart. His impudent manner had aroused him endlessly on the previous day, but now the charming behavior of this man created exited, small butterflies that circled inside him.

He filled the plates with lasagna, and then he followed Sven. His visitor was standing in his work room, while his gaze was fixed on the pictures. Dominic put the plates on the table outside, and subsequently he joined Sven in his study. Once again the man looked at the drawings one after another, but he didn’t utter any sounds this time.

“Now they are okay,” he solely said quietly, after he had looked at the last picture.

Dominic’s corners of his mouth twitched briefly. “I wonder, if the publisher accepts the proportions. He has a slight tendency to prefer normal standards, but he will expurgate many details anyway.”

Sven turned around and looked at him with surprise. “You publish?”

Dominic nodded, and he pointed at a shelf which was filled with comics that already were available commercially. Sven slowly approached them and reached for one of the comics. He swiftly turned the pages, and a smile flashed over his face time and again.

“Will it annoy you, if Bram is published? If it does, I can alter his face,” Dominic offered. Although it would have broken his heart, he understood quite well that Sven probably didn’t want to appear in a printed comic book in the form of a well-hung Viking.

“No, it doesn’t bother me, it’s just the contrary. Which real person shows up in a comic except for you, Hakon?”

Dominic laughed in embarrassment. He lowered his eyelids and ran his hand through his hair. Before he even realized it, Sven had turned his attention to the drawing on his plotting board. He sighed inwardly. It really was the last thing he needed, that Sven would spot the picture he had drawn in a sensual mood. Bram and Hakon were lying side by side and they were embracing each other while they were exchanging tender looks. Dominic was glad that he hadn’t added any suitable declarations of love.

“A romantic who needs having it off a bit harder from time to time?” Sven asked, while his gaze was still resting on the drawing.

“It seems so,” Dominic replied. He felt seen through, and for one moment even more naked than his bare skin could reveal. He turned around and looked in the direction of the balcony. “The food is getting cold,” He explained in order to change the subject.

When he wanted to head for the balcony, he heard Sven’s voice from behind. In a soft voice, he merely said, “Dominic,” and with this he kept him from walking away.

Dominic’s heart pounded up to his throat. Was the sole purpose of Sven’s visit that he wanted to make fun of him in order to catch up on the previous day? Was he making a fool of himself, because his romantic fantasies had found their way to a sheet of paper? Dominic gave a slight jerk, when he felt the gentle touch on his neck.

“Turn around,” Sven requested him softly.

He complied with this request only reluctantly, and his eyes were staring at the chest of the man instead of looking in his face. The lovely scent of his visitor reached his nostrils, and he had a feeling as if a minor electric shock was running through his veins. Sven tenderly cupped Dominic’s face in his hands and he lifted it slightly, so that their eyes met.

“You are not alone with this combination,” Sven whispered.

Before Dominic could reply something, he felt lips gently touching his own ones.  A wave of heat was rushing through his body, and it left a slight vibration behind. The kiss tingled on his skin, and he had the exact feeling he had been longing for. His stomach growled loudly, and for that reason Sven’s mouth released his lips and looked at him dreamy-eyed. His green eyes were shining brightly, and Dominic believed that he would lose himself in them.

“Food,” Sven whispered softly.

Dominic didn’t react, because the gaze of the other man still mesmerized him. His stomach announced itself loud for the second time. Sven smiled, and his heart jumped up with joy. The man took his hand and walked him out. As soon as they had taken their seats, they locked eyes with each other again. The situation felt as if he were in a dream. However he asked himself a question which brought him down to earth.

“Are you single?” he asked nonchalantly.

Sven looked at him with surprise. “Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have reacted the way I did yesterday, and wouldn’t be here again today. I suppose you also are single?”

Dominic was relieved, and he nodded in the affirmative.

“How long since?” Sven inquired curiously.

That prompted him to pay more attention to his food, and his counterpart did the same.

“For more than a year,” Dominic declared frankly after a moment. And then he continued, “It was doomed to failure because of the hard tricks, and since then I haven’t had any partners.”

“You only need to look for somebody in one of the well known houses of pleasure, where you immediately find a man for the night?”

Dominic nodded cautiously, but he didn’t answer.

“Only with feelings for the other man hard tricks are good,” Sven concluded.

Dominic gave a confirming mumble, and he was grateful that he didn’t have to explain much.

“There are a lot of things I could never do with someone who wouldn’t mean anything to me, apart from this, you have to trust your partner,” Dominic added finally. “What about you?”

Sven seemed to reflect about his answer. “I have been single for almost two years. I…From time to time, I pay a visit to these establishments. They are not really satisfactory though.”