Exploring the Power of Prayer

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Exploring the Power of Prayer

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A man of prayer. 

The pattern of prayer. 

Fullness of joy in prayer. 

The impact of prayer on a believer. 

Faith in prayer. 

The power of prayer. 

Prayer time. 






 To my parents Dr (Gen.) J.O. Ayeni (rtd) & Pastor (Dr) V.O. Ayeni, who brought us up in an atmosphere of prayer in the home.


To Gods servant, the founder and presiding General Overseer of the MFM Ministries worldwide, Dr D.K. Olukoya who prophetically identified the grace of God on my life at a very young age and taught my hands to battle and fingers to war in the school of prayer.


To all the men and women of God fully exploring the power of prayer



I want to use this forum to recognize and acknowledge those who God has used to encourage my steps in pursuits of His vision for my life.


I first of all want to appreciate the first senior pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Moscow Russia Mission, Pastor (Eng’r.) Idowu Ogunlana & Assistant Pastor (Dr.) Victoria Ogunlana for obeying the call of God to plant and establish the first parish of the RCCG Mission in Moscow Russia.


I deeply appreciate the Special Assistance to the General Overseer on Europe affairs, Pastor (Prof.) Dele Olowu who at the set time recognized God’s grace on my life and secured my appointment into the service of the Lord in RCCG.


I also deeply appreciate my first provincial pastors, presently serving in RCCG Europe mainland Region 2, Pastor & Pastor (Mrs) Femi Olorunfemi. I appreciate them for their mentorship and friendship.


I thank all ministers and workers of RCCG Moscow Mount Zion Parish who have enabled me to enjoy ministry and not just endure it. Special thanks to Pastor (Amb) & Mrs .A. Adepoju, Air. Comdt. & Deaconess T. Ogunjobi, Deacon Idowu Olaiya, Mr Philip Fatayo, Mr Victor Henry Itauma, Mr Sola Aiyetan, Mr & Mrs. Kayode Oluwafemi, Dr Esther Oluwunmi, Dr Meyeyin Lewis, Mr Maxwell .P. Okoriko, Engineer Femi Alonge, Bro Abraham Koredele, Bro Seun Akin Paul,  Bro Charlse  Odike, & Bro Femi Abe. Your service of love will never go on rewarded by God the Father in Jesus name.


Special thanks with deep appreciation to my priceless family; my wife and children.  I count my self-blessed and highly favoured to have such a loving, caring, challenging, empowering wife. You have made obeying the Lord in ministry so easy. Your support, love and prayers reflect in our home and in the lives of the children. May you be highly favoured and recognized amongst women in Jesus name. Amen


The subject of prayer is of an all-encompassing, exciting and sometimes a curious nature. Most believers are aware of prayer: the potency, the power, the productivity etc., but very few understand it, talkless of maximising the opportunity there in and taking advantage of its ability. It is simply because people do not understand the scope of prayer and many have wrong perspective of the prayer.


For believers in particular, prayer is not only essential but critical to our nature and existence. Men began to call on God in Genesis 4:26,” And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD” as a result of the fallen nature of man. Therefore, any attempt to unravel this subject of prayer to bring understanding to it must be celebrated and applauded.


Dr Ayeni, through his own life and relationship with God and waiting on the Holy Spirit has brought a very fresh perspective to this subject of prayer. His thoughts are very clear, the revelations are profound, deep and yet simple to grasp. I could see that God has through the Holy Spirit taught him deep things to make prayers easy to understand, easy to engage with, easy to grow in and easy to pass on to others. 


This book, “Exploring the power of prayer” will surely help us to grasp the power that truly lies in prayer. It comes from a practitioner, a praying man who is also quite practical with it.


As a student of prayer and passionate intercessor, I have found “Exploring the power of prayer” to be a resource material, teaching guide, prayer manual and simple practical learning material to guide even the most uneducated in the place of prayer. You will find in this book, 3 facets of prayer which will help you pray better. Dr Ayeni also took time to explore the “Lord’s Prayer” in a most unusual manner bringing fresh insight. As you read and go through the pages of this book, I can personally guarantee you will be blessed and re-fired for Kingdom exploits even in the place of prayer.   


This book will encourage you; challenge you and birth enthusiasm and confidence in you to pray. It comes highly recommended. Go on let us pray. Luke 18:1, “And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint”


Pastor (Dr) David Sola Oludoyi

Regional Coordinator: RCCG Europe Mainland Region 3