And why we have them

von: Max Cryer

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Verlag: Exisle Publishing PTY LTD.
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 01.05.2016
ISBN/EAN: 9781775592853
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 176

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In this witty and informative book, Max Cryer explains the origins of many of the things we commonly say and observe, and why they are part of our lives: kissing under the mistletoe, number thirteen, not walking under ladders, saying 'bless you' after sneezing. So many aspects of our lives are coloured by superstition — now you can discover why.
Max Cryer is a well-known writer, broadcaster and entertainer. In a long career, he has been a schoolteacher, a compere and television host, as well as a performer on the opera stage in London and in cabaret in Las Vegas and Hollywood. He also has a regular spot on radio talking about aspects of the English language. Now a full-time writer living in Auckland, he has written many books, including The Cat's Out of the Bag, Every Dog Has Its Day, Is It True?, Who Said That First?, Love Me Tender, The Godzone Dictionary, Preposterous Proverbs and Curious English Words and Phrases.

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