The International Family Guide to US University Admissions

The International Family Guide to US University Admissions

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von: Jennifer Ann Aquino

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 08.05.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119370970
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Expert guidance for international families and students applying for admission to US universities Written by an experienced international educator and counselor, The International Family Guide to US University Admissions is an indispensable resource for the vast and increasing number of students applying for places at US Universities each year. Beginning with an introduction that explains to both students and parents how the book works and why, it offers milestones that must be completed during said application time period, a tried-and-true handbook that corresponds with each chapter, pop-outs that provide expert insight and resources that you should utilize throughout the process. Every year, hundreds of thousands of international students and their families must go through the painstaking, complicated, confusing and culturally baffling process that is US university admissions. Until now, there has been no single resource for readers to turn to for holistic, accurate and up-to-date advice on the subject. Following the timeline of the US university admissions cycle, the book guides the parents and the student through the entire process in order to ensure that they are pacing themselves appropriately – from preparation to submission and through to applying for student visas. It serves as an advisor throughout the process, providing insightful advice by parents and students that are relevant to specific milestones. With the help of this book, you'll discover how to make sense of the US admissions system – from start to finish. Understand the application and evaluation process in depth in order to be an informed and successful applicant Make your schooling selection from over 3,000 US universities by understanding what would make a good fit for the student Learn what is expected of you in writing essays, why it is important, and how to create beautiful, genuine writing pieces reflective of your outlook in life Enjoy case studies and words of advice from the author's former students and their families Understand the difference between the SAT and ACT exams Whether you're an international student living outside of the US or an ex-pat living abroad, you'll find answers to all of your questions – all in one place.
Preface ix Acknowledgments xiii About the Author xv Introduction xvii Chapter 1 And You Are. . .? 1 Chapter 2 You’ve Got to Understand How It Works to Win 19 Chapter 3 Being Your Nerdiest Self . . .and Taking Time to Do It 49 Chapter 4 Your Goldilocks Moment 83 Chapter 5 Less Snap-Chatting and More Real-Chatting 107 Chapter 6 School’s [Not] Out For Summer! 139 Chapter 7 You Can’t Fake It 161 Chapter 8 The Pressure Is On! 175 Chapter 9 The Busiest Month of Your Life 195 Chapter 10 The Final Month of Writing College Applications. . .Ever? 209 Chapter 11 A Rite of Passage in the Making 223 Chapter 12 Anticipating, Deciding, and Arriving 237 Conclusion: The Beginning of the Rest of Your Life 251 The Writing Handbook 265 References 287 Index 289
JENNIFER ANN AQUINO has over 20 years of experience in the field of international education spanning four continents from teaching, admissions and fundraising to educational publishing and university management. Her deep and varied global experiences in international education have afforded her a unique understanding and perspective of the competitive and ever-changing sector of international education. Born in the US, she has lived and worked in education in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and is based between Geneva and Singapore. Jennifer works with individual families, students, schools and institutions. Her website is
"Having graduated thousands of students and closely experienced the US university application process with them, I strongly recommend this book to every parent, student, college counselor and school. This is an invaluable gem that everyone should read and every library should get ahold of." —CENK EYÜBO?LU, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Eyübo?lu Educational Institutions, Istanbul, Turkey PRAISE FOR THE INTERNATIONAL FAMILY GUIDE TO US UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS "The student advice and parent advice, case studies and words of wisdom contained in these pages, I know, will greatly assist students and families to shape their university admissions goals and understand what steps they need to take to achieve them. Quite simply, as an executive leader in schools for over 22 years, I've seen none better than Jennifer when it comes to university guidance and no text as comprehensive or beneficial as this." —Glen Radojkovich, Founding Head of School, Branksome Hall Asia, South Korea; Head of School/CEO, GEMS, Dubai "Jennifer Aquino's book offers a step-by-step, comprehensive guide for international families as they begin the US university admissions process…It gives access to students, offering a clear path to an informed application and selection decision-making. I will use this book with my own children." —Dr. Paul Richards, Superintendent, American School of Dubai; former Superintendent, International Schools Group, Saudi Arabia "Finally, Jennifer offers international families a guide that explains US college admissions and gives clear guidance through each step of the process. She identifies key milestones and provides clever worksheets and a writing handbook that will help the user to create a highly personalized and strong application for the student's best-fit universities. The case studies and strategic parent advice and student advice make this book a must for any US-bound student!" —Ellen M. Sullivan, former Admissions Officer, Harvard College; Executive Director of International Advancement, Boston College "I have looked for a comprehensive, intelligent, and ethical guide to help families understand this process and how to approach it, and that I could feel comfortable recommending. This book is all of that. I will use it myself, and will ask each of the families I work with to purchase one for our work together." —Mark Gathercole, Education Advisor and Consultant, Independent University Advising; Certified Educational Professional (CEP) "Jennifer got to know my boys and empowered them to find the right fit and she does the same for all the users of this book—parents and students alike. It is a must-have for any parent and student going through this process." —Brigitte Roulet, parent "Jennifer Ann Aquino's book is an insider's guide, helping international students and their families find the right institution by navigating the complex and often overwhelming admissions process. As an internationally recognized expert in US university admissions, Jennifer shares critical information, insights, tips, tools and case studies that make the application process easier." —Warren Jaferian, Dean, International Education, Endicott College

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