Treatment of Eating Disorders by Emotion Regulation

Treatment of Eating Disorders by Emotion Regulation

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von: Valerija Sipos, Ulrich Schweiger

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Verlag: Kohlhammer
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Veröffentl.: 07.06.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9783170332928
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Eating disorders belong to the leading causes of lost life years in young adult women. Current behavioral treatments are efficacious but reach only part of the affected women. The treatment presented in this book differs from many prior treatment approaches in that it assumes that disturbed eating behavior is a consequence of difficulties in emotion regulation. It focuses on imparting skills that improve self-management, foster mindful and healthy eating behavior, emotion regulation, social skills and distress tolerance.
"Treatment of Eating Disorders by Emotion Regulation" has a modular structure and is designed for use as the basis for inpatient and outpatient treatment and besides that has a self-help manual. It contains a plenty of psychoeducational materials, work sheets, case vignettes and background information for therapists.
Ulrich Schweiger is the Deputy Director of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Lübeck University Medical Center and associate professor at the Lübeck University Medical School.
Valerija Sipos is the senior psychologist at the department of psychiatry and psychotherapy of the Lübeck university medical center. She is a board certified psychotherapist and family therapist.

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